EMI has recently installed a brand new mammography system mammography(page)and is now performing diagnostic mammograms.

Diagnostic Mammography is different from a Screening Mammography. At EMI we are only able to bulk bill for Diagnostic Mammograms. This examination is to diagnosis any changes/ abnormalities in the breast (detected through clinical or self examination).

More information about the differences in diagnostic and screening mammography can be found at the ‘Breast Screen- New South Wales‘ website.

How long does it take:
The mammogram scans take approximately 15-30 minutes.

Do I need a booking:
Bookings are essential, please contact us to make a booking.

Mammograms are available from Monday-Friday.

Important information:
Please advise us if you:

  • Are pregnant or suspect that you are pregnant
  • Have any other medical information that may be relevant to your scan