• Plain X-Rays are generally requested as a ‘first line’ imaging modality. It is especially useful in detecting pathology of the skeletal system (bones and joints), but also helpful as part of the investigation strategy for chest and abdominal pathologies.

    However, as X-Rays contain a certain level of radiation, pregnant women are advised to avoid performing the scan as there is a risk of harm to the unborn child. If you could be pregnant, please inform your doctor and our staff.

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X-Rays at EMI:

Common X-Ray requests we encounter at EMI include (but are not limited to):

  • Chest
  • Spine
  • Hip
  • Skull
  • Abdomen
  • Limbs (arm/ legs etc.)

How long does it take?
Scanning can take between 5-20 minutes depending on the region and how many body parts are involved.

X-Rays are available from Monday-Saturday.

Do I need an appointment?
X-Rays are performed on a walk-in basis, so no booking is required, however if you would like a specific time please contact us to make a booking.

Important information:
Please advise us if you:

  • Are pregnant or suspect that you are pregnant
  • Have any metal around the area which you are having scanned e.g. jewellery
  • Have any other medical information that may be relevant to your scan