CT (Computed Tomography) Preparations

CT (Computed Tomography) Preparations

If you are worried about having claustrophobia because you are uncomfortable with the feeling of being enclosed in the ring-like CT machine, feel free to discuss this with us. We are happy to advise and to help.

Some patients with severe claustrophobia may benefit from slight sedation at the time of the procedure.

Please advise the receptionist when booking your appointment if you have diabetes, asthma or any allergies.

CT Brain/ Neck/ Chest:
  1. 2 hours fasting. (Nothing to eat or drink)
  2. You will need to remove earrings and neck chains prior to your scan.
CT Abdomen / Pelvis:
  1. 4 hours fasting. (Nothing to eat or drink)
  2. You may be required to take oral contrast prior to your CT scan, and this requires you to turn up earlier (approximately ONE hour before your CT appointment time).

You will be advised of this when you make your booking.

CT KUB/Urinary Tract:
  1. 4 hour fasting. (nothing to eat or drink)
  2. 15 minutes before your scan, you will be asked to drink 500ml of water.
  3. Depending on your symptoms, you may or may not need to have contrast injection.

If you have any questions about your preparation or you are unsure which one you are required to follow, call us on 9281 9888 and we will be happy to assist.