Bulk Billing and Fees

Bulk Billing and Fees

Health service providers can freely choose whether or not to use bulk-billing.

At Essential Medical Imaging we are a bulk-billing practice. This means that if you have a valid Medicare card, Medicare pays us 85% of the cost of your examination (also called the schedule fee) AND YOU PAY NOTHING OUT OF POCKET. The remaining 15% is called the ‘gap fee’, which in some certain circumstances may still be charged.

Private (Non-Medicare) Patients

If you are not covered by Medicare, you are required to pay for your examination on the day of your scan. This applies regardless if you are covered by private health insurance. We will provide you with a receipt which you can take back to your private health insurance to process your claim.

If you are an international student, we offer discounted rates for your examination. Simply show us your student card when paying.

If you are having a scan done under work cover, please ensure you have an approval letter, claim number, insurance and employer details along with your doctor’s referral.